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Ed Sheeran’s 3 Most Famous Songs ⭐ Celestial

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular and successful singer-songwriters of our time. With hits like "Shape of You" and "Thinking Out Loud, " it's no wonder he's become a household name. But what many fans don't know is the stories behind some of his most famous songs. Here are three of Ed Sheeran's [...]

JVKE Releases ‘Golden Hour’ and Climbs Billboard Charts

JVKE's latest single "Golden Hour" debuts at No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, thanks to its soaring popularity on TikTok. The track, which was released on July 15, has been used in over 11,000 TikTok videos, driving up its streaming numbers by 88% and its downloads by 104%. This is enough to propel [...]

Jeremy Camp and Brand new Worship Hit ‘Getting Started’

Worship Hit Getting Started by Jeremy Camp
Jeremy Camp's American contemporary Christian music career began in earnest in the early 2000s. He has released nine albums, with several of them hitting number one on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Jeremy Camp's music has had a profound impact on the world beyond Christian music. His songs have been translated into over 20 [...]

‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ Hit Song by Kate Bush

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill
Kate Bush has been making music for over four decades and shows no signs of slowing down. The English singer-songwriter has achieved massive success both in her home country and internationally. She has also been hailed as an influential figure in popular music, particularly for her innovative and experimental style. Bush has released seventeen studio [...]

The Story Behind the Amazing Grace Song

Download John Newton Amazing Grace sheet music - The Story Behind the Amazing Grace Song
The Story behind the Amazing Grace" offers a deep insight into the life of John Newton and the transformative power of redemption. This cherished hymn, "Amazing Grace", has stood the test of time and remains a beacon of hope and faith for many. Born in Gloucestershire, England, in 1725, John Newton's life was filled with [...]

Facts About Harry Styles’ New Hit “As it Was” That You Didn’t Know

Facts About Harry Styles’ New Hit “As it Was” That You Didn’t Know
The new song from Harry Styles, “As it Was,” is taking the Billboard charts by storm! Here are Facts About Harry Styles’ New Hit “As it Was” That You Didn’t Know. Almost immediately, the song flew to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Everyone from serious music critics to long-time stans [...]

The Story Behind Camila Cabello’s “Bam Bam” Song with Ed Sheeran

The Story Behind Camila Cabello’s “Bam Bam” Song with Ed Sheeran
The new single “Bam Bam” is one of the latest hits from singer and songwriter Camila Cabello. The salsa-infused song is breaking the charts and features contributions from record-breaking musician Ed Sheeran. The sheet music for “Bam Bam” is now available. First, take a moment to learn more about the latest hit. Here is the [...]

The Story Behind Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” Song

The Story Behind Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” Song
Few things are more paradoxically predictable at this point than artists reinventing themselves. Learn the Chord Progression On the one hand, if you play the same old songs and notes, you risk sounding stale and rote and the public becoming bored with you, or you becoming bored and burning out yourself. On the other hand, [...]

The Story Behind Sinach’s Song, Way Maker

The song Way Maker was undoubtedly the biggest hit in the Christian music world in 2020, and the singer and songwriter of the song, a Nigerian artist that goes by the name Sinach, has garnered numerous music awards because of this song. Sinach recorded her first album in 2008, so she is fairly new to [...]

How to Record a Song in a Studio

Best Studio Equipment

Recording a song in a music studio may sound complex and indeed, there are a lot of technical details that someone in the room needs to be responsible for. Still, whether you’re recording in a professional studio or a studio in your home, there are a few basic steps that everyone has to execute for […]