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The Story Behind Adele’s Hit Song “Easy on Me”

Adele 30 Easy On Me Sheet Music
It has been said that in order to write a good love song, you have to have your heart broken first. That may not always be the case, but the fact is, there is always a lot of emotion going into any best-selling song, and that is certainly true with the song Easy on Me [...]

The Use of Sheet Music in a Music Studio

How to Improve your Sheet Reading

While the equipment such as microphones and recording devices are important when you’re recording a song inside a professional recording studio, you can’t forget about the simple things that are also needed, such as the sheet music. Sheet music is usually available for each musician needed to make the recording come together and sound right, […]

How to Record a Song in a Studio

Best Studio Equipment

Recording a song in a music studio may sound complex and indeed, there are a lot of technical details that someone in the room needs to be responsible for. Still, whether you’re recording in a professional studio or a studio in your home, there are a few basic steps that everyone has to execute for […]