How to Read Clair de Lune Sheet Music

When you first become interested in learning about music and practicing classic songs on your own, the idea of relying on sheet music can be quite daunting, depending on how well you understand sheet music to begin with. On top of that, the classic songs are often intricate, complex, and difficult for some beginners to [...]

How to read piano sheet music

Learning to read sheet music takes both time and effort, but it's incredibly rewarding in the long-run. Not only will it give you the ability to play practically anything almost immediately, but it will remove any doubt and make you a more confident musician. Below, we've outlined how to read piano sheet music in three [...]

Four Reasons to Buy Sheet Music

In these divided and difficult times, few things still unite us as wonderfully as music. From Mozart to Mariah Carey, Beethoven to the Beatles, Sondheim to Sia and so much more, music is a beautiful thing to share with others. One of the best and most enduring ways to share the gift of music with [...]