The new single “Bam Bam” is one of the latest hits from singer and songwriter Camila Cabello. The salsa-infused song is breaking the charts and features contributions from record-breaking musician Ed Sheeran.

The sheet music for “Bam Bam” is now available. First, take a moment to learn more about the latest hit. Here is the story behind Camila Cabello’s hit track “Bam Bam” featuring Ed Sheeran.

“Bam Bam” Is Cabello’s First New Song of 2022

“Bam Bam” was a highly anticipated release, as fans were eagerly waiting for Cabello’s first new music of the year. The song comes after a very public breakup with another well-known singer–Shawn Mendes.

The lyrics to Cabello’s new song are clearly about the end of a relationship. The song talks about some of the emotions and difficulties that come with a breakup, such as watching as a former partner moves on.

The song is the first single from Cabello’s upcoming album, Familia, which is due for release on April 8, 2022. It is an upbeat dance song with Latin/salsa beats.

The Story Behind Camila Cabello’s “Bam Bam” Song with Ed Sheeran

Cabello has stated that she was influenced by the Latin music that she grew up listening to. She mentions that a lot of her favorite Latin songs include a life lesson.

According to Cabello, the lyrics to “Bam Bam” discuss the cycles that people go through in life, including the cycles of relationships. She explains that she was in an amazing relationship, but some things change and eventually come to an end.

The song includes several lines that allude to her relationship with Mendes, including:

  • “You said you hated the ocean but you’re surfing now.”
  • “I said I’d love you for life, but I just sold our house.”
  • “We were kids at the start, I guess we’re grown-ups now.”

The chorus of the song includes lyrics sung in both English and Spanish. The song is meant to inspire people to get up and move. It is a vibrant dance song and sure to be another hit for Cabello.

The song has a salsa-influenced pre-chorus and chorus, along with influences from reggaeton and pop music.

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Camila Cabello Bam Bam Sheet Music Featuring Ed Sheeran

What Does “Bam Bam” Mean?

The title of the song comes from something that Camila Cabello’s mother used to tell the singer. She said that it is about rolling with the punches and dealing with the ups and downs that life throws at you. When you experience a hurdle in life, you need to keep dancing.

The phrase “Bam Bam” was first introduced to the music scene by The Maytals in 1966. The reggae band released a song, “Bam Bam,” that went on to win Jamaica’s National Popular Song Contest.

In 1982, Jamaican singer Sister Nancy released a song called “Bam Bam” that included a chorus inspired by the song by The Maytals. Sister Nancy’s song is now considered a staple of the reggae genre.

Who Wrote “Bam Bam”?

Camila Cabello received help from several successful songwriters and producers. Cabello and Ed Sheeran wrote the song with input from:

  • Scott Harris
  • Ricky Reed
  • Edgar “Edge” Barrera
  • Cheche Alara

Camila Cabello wrote the original draft of the song. She wrote a song with English words but aimed to make the track Latin-inspired. After Cabello and Mendes split, Cabello presented the song to Sheeran.

Sheeran agreed to work on the song and had a few recommendations. He suggested a few changes to the chords on the original verse written by Cabello and brought in a few friends to help.

Cabello, Sheeran, Harris, and Reed went into the studio and wrote the two main verses for the song. After fleshing out the verses, the group recorded the track the same morning. Edgar “Edge” Barrera and Cheche Alara contributed and produced the track.

Scott Harris is a frequent collaborator for Shawn Mendes. He co-wrote 12 of the songs on Mendes’ fourth studio album and 13 songs on Mendes’ self-titled third studio album.

Ricky Reed is a famed producer who has worked with Hasley, Lizzo, and Cabello. He first worked with Camila Cabello during her time with Fifth Harmony, when he co-produced the song, “Bo$$.”

Edgar “Edge” Barrera is a Mexican producer and songwriter. He won a Grammy in 2015 for Best Tropical Latin Album.

Cheche Alara is an experienced composer and producer and winner of a Latin Grammy in 2017 for Best Folk Album.

Camila Cabello

Who Is Camila Cabello?

If you have been out of touch with the music scene for the past decade, you may not be familiar with Camila Cabello. She was born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao in 1997. She is a Cuban-born American songwriter and singer who first achieved fame with the girl group Fifth Harmony.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes was Cabello’s first big release as a solo artist. Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony in 2016 to focus on her solo career. Less than six years later, Camila Cabello released the song, “Bam Bam.”

Is “Bam Bam” About Cabello’s Split with Mendes?

Camila Cabello admitted in an interview that the lyrics are about the end of a relationship and the importance of understanding that things change. After a breakup, people eventually move on to bigger and greater things. According to Cabello, her breakup with Mendes influenced the song but the lyrics do not explicitly reference their relationship.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes first met each other in 2014. At the time, Camila Cabello was part of Fifth Harmony. Shawn Mendes and Fifth Harmony were the opening acts for Austin Mahone’s Live On Tour.

The two became friends and released a song together in 2015. The song, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was released in November of 2015. The song was a spontaneous creation after the two reconnected backstage after a performance during Taylor Swift’s tour. Shawn Mendes was the opening act and Camila Cabello was a special guest.

The two hung out backstage and wrote the song that would go on to become a hit and spark dating rumors. After the song was released, the media immediately started assuming that the two were a couple. However, Cabello and Mendes did not start dating until July 2019.

The couple started dating shortly after their duet – “Senorita.” As with “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Mendes and Cabello co-wrote and co-produced the song. The song was about their romance, making it difficult for the couple to deny dating rumors.

Yet, the relationship was short-lived. In November of 2021, the couple released statements on Instagram announcing their breakup. According to reports from friends and sources, the two singers decided that they worked better as friends.

“Bam Bam” was released just a few months later. As the song deals with the cycles of love and life, many people assume that the lyrics reference Cabello’s breakup with Mendes. However, Cabello seems to imply that the lyrics are intended to capture the feelings that arise during the end of a relationship rather than speaking directly about her relationship with Mendes.

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