In these divided and difficult times, few things still unite us as wonderfully as music. From Mozart to Mariah Carey, Beethoven to the Beatles, Sondheim to Sia and so much more, music is a beautiful thing to share with others.

One of the best and most enduring ways to share the gift of music with others is and has long been with sheet music.

Here are just four reasons why sheet music is still worth the investment.

1. Digital Copies Increase Accessibility

If you play gigs at restaurants or in designated busking areas outdoors, setup space is bound to be limited. What’s more, you may not feel like carrying out paper manuscripts with you or sharing them with bandmates.

That’s why digital sheets of music can be so useful. You download them online, upload them to your phone, tablet, or other device on demand, and you’re able to take the power of music with you wherever you go.

2. Having a Hard Copy Backup

That isn’t to say good old-fashioned sheets of music don’t have their place, however. All it takes is one glitch to lose all your digital files. Having a hardcopy of essential files is always a good idea, and that goes for sheets of music as well. Ideally, you should have both a digital “travel-friendly” version of the music as well as a printed paper hard copy.

3. The Sentimentality Value

For as popular as Kindles are, true book lovers will never give up their paperback and hardbound books. There is something about the tactile sensation, historical value, and overall aura of a physical book that is incredibly satisfying, and which a digital copy can never replace.

The same holds true with paper sheets of music. If you’re a classical pianist, there’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned paper copy of Brahms or Chopin.

4. Affordable Rates

One of the biggest concerns for anyone involved in music is money. With the high price of musical instruments and the cost of keeping them in good condition, it’s always helpful to find places to cut costs. Thankfully, sheet music has long been one of the most affordable aspects of music learning and playing, and that isn’t set to change any time soon.
Whether you are a newcomer to the world of music or an old hand, sheet music can help you access the greatest pieces of all-time and share it with the world.

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