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Musical Ear Training Tips

How to Improve Musical Ear Training Tips
Musical Ear Training Tips - an endless question ... Do you find yourself struggling with recognizing notes and chords? Do you know all the right answers on your music theory quiz but can't hear what's wrong when someone is playing for you? It's time to develop your musical ear! This article will go over ten [...]

Best Piano Songs to Learn When a Beginner

Best Piano Songs to Learn When a Beginner
If you're a beginner, looking to learn how to play the piano, then this article is for you. We will discuss some of the best songs that would be beneficial and easy to learn as a beginner. These songs are all classics and should help take your skills from novice to expert in no time. [...]

The Importance of Learning to Read Sheet Music

The Importance of Learning to Read Sheet Music
As a musician, being able to play by ear is an impressive trait, but the reality is few of us can do it with absolute precision every time. Sure, a lot of the greats couldn’t read a single note but being able to sight-read sheet music opens a lot of doors for musicians at all [...]

How to Improve your Sheet Reading

How to Improve your Sheet Reading
Sheet reading is an integral part of mastering the art of music. It’s a technique that can be learned and improved on by continued practice. Though sheet music reading is a skill that you can work on, many do it wrong by practising without addressing the essential elements. To be a great musician, one should [...]

The Story Behind Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” Song

The Story Behind Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” Song
Few things are more paradoxically predictable at this point than artists reinventing themselves. Learn the Chord Progression On the one hand, if you play the same old songs and notes, you risk sounding stale and rote and the public becoming bored with you, or you becoming bored and burning out yourself. On the other hand, [...]

How to Play Someone You Loved Sheet Music by Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi
Content What is "Someone You Loved" about? Why was it difficult for Lewis Capaldi to write the song? How long did it take Lewis Capaldi to write the song? What are the chords in the song? What is the key of the song? What is the riff used in the intro? What chords are used [...]

How to Play Bohemian Rhapsody Sheet Music on a Piano

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
If you’re a musician, you undoubtedly love the song Bohemian Rhapsody, and playing or singing it is easy once you get the sheet music. Written in the key of Bb major, the sheet music comes in a few different versions, including vocals only and vocals, piano, and guitar. There are five different voice parts in [...]

The Story Behind Sinach’s Song, Way Maker

The song Way Maker was undoubtedly the biggest hit in the Christian music world in 2020, and the singer and songwriter of the song, a Nigerian artist that goes by the name Sinach, has garnered numerous music awards because of this song. Sinach recorded her first album in 2008, so she is fairly new to [...]

Most Popular Valentine’s Songs and Sheet Music

valentines day music
Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14 and began as a way to recognize several martyrs by the name of Saint Valentine. In the United States alone, more than 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent out each and every year; along with those cards, people celebrate with candy, flowers, and of course, [...]

Six Top-Selling Digital Songs in the United States in 2020

The Weeknd “Blinding Lights”
It’s been a strange year, to say the least, but one source of normalcy has been the continued obsession over who tops the charts in the eternal measure of pop culture and public consciousness that is the Billboard 100. Part of the fun of Billboard and digital music sales retrospectives is the eclectic self-portrait of [...]