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Hillsong Worship "What A Beautiful Name" Sheet Music for Easy Guitar

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Original published key: Not Avail.
Artist:Hillsong Worship
Genre: Christian
Arrangement: Easy Guitar
Release Date: 06/02/2023
Interactive Viewer:Yes
Hillsong Worship


Experience the uplifting spirit of Hillsong, Australia's renowned contemporary Christian music group, through the harmonious journey of their sheet music. Hillsong's powerful worship anthems have echoed across churches and concert halls worldwide since their inception in the 1980s. With a mission to create music that resonates with believers everywhere, they have become a cornerstone in modern worship.

Their influential albums, like 'Zion', 'There Is More', and 'Cornerstone', feature songs such as 'Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)' and 'What a Beautiful Name', blending biblical themes with contemporary music styles. Hillsong's sheet music is more than a collection of melodies; it's a conduit for spiritual connection and communal worship, inviting musicians and congregations to partake in a shared experience of faith.

Hillsong's global impact is evident in their widespread popularity and the numerous churches established under their name. Their commitment to producing music that uplifts and inspires has made them a beacon in the Christian music scene. Today, Hillsong's sheet music continues to empower worship leaders and musicians, fostering a sense of unity and devotion through their compelling and heart-stirring compositions.

FAQs about Hillsong Worship

Q: What is the musical style of Hillsong's worship songs?
A: Hillsong's worship songs are known for their contemporary Christian music style, blending pop and rock elements with inspirational worship themes. Their music often features powerful lyrics, emotive melodies, and modern instrumentation, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Q: How has Hillsong influenced modern worship music?
A: Hillsong has significantly influenced modern worship music by setting a high standard for songwriting and production quality. Their songs have become staples in many churches worldwide, shaping the sound and style of contemporary worship music.

Q: Are Hillsong's songs suitable for beginner musicians to learn?
A: Yes, many of Hillsong's songs are suitable for beginner musicians. Their sheet music often includes accessible chord progressions and melodies, making it a popular choice for those learning to play worship music.

Q: What role does Hillsong play in global Christian communities?
A: Beyond their music, Hillsong plays a significant role in global Christian communities through their international churches and conferences. They focus on creating an inclusive and empowering environment for worship, community building, and spiritual growth.

Hillsong's commitment to creating music that touches the heart and soul has made them a pivotal force in the world of worship music, inspiring and uniting believers through their artistry and faith.
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Hillsong Worship

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Lyrics begin with What A Beautiful Name ...



Release date

Jun 2, 2023

Last Updated

Jun 14, 2024



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Easy Guitar

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