Victoria’s Secret models are known for their incredible bodies, but what about their musical talents? Jax has the perfect Victoria’s Secret song for getting in the mood, and she’s sharing her secret with the world.

Jax is a model and singer from Australia who made her debut in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She currently holds the record for being the model with the most appearances in the show, and she’s also the co-founder of the anti-bullying group Project Spectrum.

In addition to her work with Project Spectrum, Jax has also worked with PETA on numerous campaigns.
When she’s not modeling or speaking out against animal cruelty, Jax is also a musician. She released her debut EP, Volume 1, in October 2017, and now she’s sharing a secret with the world: the song “Secret.”

The perfect Victoria's Secret song according to Jax

Have you ever wondered what song Victoria’s Secret models wear on the red carpet? Or which songs are played during fashion shows? Then you’ll want to read this!

During an interview with Britanica, Jax revealed the secret to the “perfect Victoria’s Secret song.” She said, “The perfect Victoria’s Secret song is one that makes you feel happy, optimistic and ready to take on the world. A song that promotes self-love and confidence. For me, the perfect Victoria’s Secret song is ‘Secret.'”

She continued, “I wrote ‘Secret’ with my friend jumping on piano and guitar and it’s a song that I’m incredibly proud of.

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Who does Jax write songs for?

“I write for myself. I write for my friends, my family, my boyfriends,” Jax told Glamour magazine in 2015. “But when you’re writing for someone else, you have to be careful because you don’t want it to come across as if you’re speaking for them. You want it to sound like you’re talking about yourself.”

Jax has also said that writing and singing are both therapeutic for her. “Music is a really good way for me to let out my emotions,” she told Cosmopolitan magazine. “It’s my outlet, and I think it shows in my music.”

In addition to being a model and singer, Jax is also an actor. She appeared in the 2016 film Pride and Prejudice as well as the 2017 television series Made in Chelsea. Some of Jax’s most popular songs include “Take Me Away,” Download Victoria’s Secret sheet music by Jax here.

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