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Miley Cyrus 'When I Look At You'
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Miley Cyrus






Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody)

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Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus

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Unlock the secrets of playing Miley Cyrus "When I Look At You" with our easy-to-follow sheet music. Perfect for Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody) enthusiasts, this downloadable and printable PDF music notes by Miley Cyrus will have you mastering the melody and chords in no time. Plus, check for transposability to suit your playing style. Act now and receive exclusive bonus notation for free with your digital sheet music purchase. Experience the thrill of Miley Cyrus music with your very own copy of this When I Look At You sheet music today!

Did You Know? The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, has been a dynamic presence in the entertainment industry since her teenage years. Born in 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee, she gained fame as the star of the Disney Channel television series 'Hannah Montana'. However, Miley's journey from a teen idol to a global pop sensation is a story of reinvention and artistic exploration.

Known for her distinctive raspy voice, Miley has dabbled in various musical styles, from pop and country to rock and hip-hop. Her career is marked by bold transformations, both musically and personally. “I'm not afraid of who I used to be; no one stays the same,” Miley once reflected, highlighting her approach to growth and change.

Miley's discography includes hits like 'The Climb', 'Wrecking Ball', and 'Party in the U.S.A.', songs that have resonated with diverse audiences. Her album 'Bangerz' was a critical and commercial success, signifying a new chapter in her music career. Beyond her achievements in music, Miley is also known for her philanthropic work, particularly through her nonprofit organization, The Happy Hippie Foundation, which focuses on youth homelessness and the LGBTQ community.

The sheet music of Miley Cyrus's songs is popular among musicians, reflecting her range and versatility as an artist. Her ability to constantly evolve and push boundaries has made her a fascinating figure in contemporary music. Miley Cyrus continues to captivate fans worldwide with her talent, resilience, and commitment to authenticity.


Lyrics begin with When I Look At You ...



Release date

Feb 8, 2010

Last Updated

Jan 25, 2024



Arrangement / Instruments

Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody)

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2 Item(s)

I appreciate that the sheet music is available in multiple formats, including PDF.
  • Quality
I am a begginer piano player so I am having some hard time learning this time. Since practice makes perfect I am confident I will learn it on my instrument real fast. I am so glad I got these music notes.
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Download Miley Cyrus When I Look At You sheet music, chords and digital score arranged for Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody). This Film/TV score includes 8 page(s).

Some quick facts about presented digital When I Look At You sheet music

Artist: Miley Cyrus
Arrangement: Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody)
Genre: Film/TV
Words and Music by: Miley Cyrus
Score first released: Monday 8th February, 2010
Score last updated: Tuesday 12th December, 2023
Sheets include: 8 Page(s).
* Please check if transposition is possible before your complete your purchase. Digital download printable PDF.
Composition (read more here) was first released on Monday 8th February, 2010 and was last updated on Thursday 25th January, 2024.