Contrary to what many people believe, recording studios are not just found in California, New York, and Tennessee. Indeed, there are music studios found all across the United States, and they vary when it comes to their size, the services they offer, and the prices they charge. Recording studios usually charge a per-hour fee to record your music, and it isn’t just famous musicians who utilize their services. Lots of wanna-be musicians record demo tapes in a music studio, and some people utilize these services to record songs for special events, gifts, and so much more.
If you’re interested in learning about some of the top recording studios in the United States, below are short descriptions of three of them.

1. Platinum Studios, New York, NY

Founded in 2000, some of the many artists who have recorded here include Shakira, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West, as well as television productions such as MTV and America’s Got Talent. They have an 80-channel Logic 9000J mixing desk that promises to make your recording sound extraordinary, and top-notch acoustics to complement your sound every time. They promise a personalized experience that allows you to get just what you need when you record there, and this includes their custom Augspurger monitors and dual 18-inch subwoofers that allow for a loud but very clean sound.

2. Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Capitol Studios has been around since 1956 and boasts a NEVE 88RS 72-channel recording console, 7.1 surround monitoring capability, and a total of eight custom-built “echo chambers” that allow you to experience the perfect sound every time. Artists who have recorded here include Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog, and Miley Cyrus, and both their engineers and the equipment they offer enable you to get the assistance you need to make your recording, and you can get started for less than $200. You also get to record at one of the most well-known music studios in the world.

3. American Recording Studio, Memphis, TN

Founded in 1967, this studio offers full recording, mixing, and processing services thanks to their comprehensive services that can accommodate all types of musicians. It was recently rewired with Accusound cabling and consists of lots of high-quality analog recording gear. It also offers echo chambers, acoustic design, the gear you need and deserve, and floated floors, all of which combine to provide you with a great recording. Built specifically to be a recording studio, this facility provides you with top-notch outboard gear, microphones, monitoring, instruments, amps, and echo chambers so that you get the perfect sound every time.

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