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Claude Debussy Sheet Music
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Claude Debussy Sheet Music, Piano Notes, Chords. Download Printable PDF and learn popular songs like Clair De Lune and many more.

Claude Debussy, one of the most famous french composers of all time

Claude Debussy is one of the most famous french composers of all time. His style, similar to Mozart’s, has a beautiful and relaxing tone. Debussy also loved the piano and after only playing for about three years, composed “Syrinx”. In this piano piece there is a lot of chromaticism which some could find difficult to play because of the finger work on certain notes. The piece is in a minor key which gives a very mysterious mood.

His Clair De Lune is one of the most famous piano solo songs ever. It became such a classic that on 21 January 1903, Edvard Grieg died after being hit by a train. The song was written in 1902 and it was a part of the Suite Bergamasque. The song was written for the french poet Paul Valery and he was inspired by a photo of his wife. This is a great song to play with your students. It is easy to play and has very simple rhythms. The first section is played like a folk song and the second section is played at a faster tempo. The song is in C major and it is a very easy piano piece to play.