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La La Land (The Secret Story Behind the Movie)

“La La Land is a production of incredible talent and significant self-awareness. The final product of this musical is that on screen and behind the camera, everyone on the La La Land team is trying to create something special for everyone watching. They all want you to be as fascinated and delighted as they are by what’s happening on the screen and not on the stage. ” The secret story behind La La Land is one of great enthusiasm and cooperation. Since it is a musical, the music was the first thing to be worked on. The same principle applied to the number of songs that would feature in the film. Initially, there were to be fourteen songs but that has been cut back to eleven. La La Land is not a film for everybody.

It is a film for those who understand and appreciate music. The story line of La La Land is simple and it only contains one theme.

In the past, musicals have been known to be packed with multi-layered plots. However, La La Land has a clear story line that allows the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level. La La Land relies on many character emotions, most importantly the fear of failure. In most cases, fear is a negative emotion. In La La Land, it allows the audience to relate to the characters and makes the film more enjoyable to watch. This emotional connection is created with the use of silence. In the film, silence is not only used to add to the tension but it also allows us to connect with the characters. If you want to watch this movie for entertainment, watch it on a television.

From the moment Damien Chazelle made a short film in his spare time in 2006 that was called Whiplash , he was very clear about what he wanted from his future films. He wanted to be known as a director who could create stories that didn’t hold back and where the characters were portrayed as true-to-life as possible. Just like he did with Whiplash , Chazelle was able to bring this out in La La Land. While watching the film, it is a lot easier to connect with characters on a personal level because of the emotional displays used throughout the film. With an ensemble cast, it is almost impossible to find a character that you can relate to. While there are different characters in the film, we still connect with them all.

What is the true meaning behind La La Land?

The story of La La Land is a tale of what it means to come up short in the "biggest of big leagues" of Hollywood. It starts with Mia, an aspiring actress who's discovered by a producer on Hollywood Boulevard. He takes her under his wing and gives her the star treatment, but she has to move away from her (ex) boyfriend Sebastian to get there. She finds that when she's alone, she can't act.

She's not able to perform at her peak and she wants to be a Broadway star. She meets fellow struggling actors -- one of which is played by Ryan Gosling -- who help her get there. From there, things get interesting and we get to see what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

What did the critics think about La La Land?

Critics were enthusiastic about the movie, praising the music, the use of color, and the performances. Some critics noted that La La Land is a throwback to an earlier era in Hollywood, when musicals were common and romance was accepted as the ultimate goal.

The opinions were split on the idea of whether or not La La Land is a "love story." The majority of the reviewers say that it is. But some critics felt that La La Land is more about dreamers and the journey to finding out what you want to do in life. On this page you can find various La La Land sheet music. Most popular are 'Another Day of Sun', 'City of Stars', and many more.

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Download La La Land Sheet Music and printable PDF music notes