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Browse Yiruma Piano Sheet Music Notes and Chords of this talented pianist. Includes songs like 'River Flows in You', 'Fairy Tale', 'Kiss The Rain' and many more.

Many people enjoy listening to the piano pieces of Yiruma, but few people know the history behind the music. Learn the history of the piano player, where it came from, and why it is loved by so many. 

Yiruma was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1977. Yiruma's piano is a big part of his music. His piano is loved by many because it has a classical sound and because of its simple yet beautiful melodies. His music has been popularized worldwide by his many fans.

His true name is Lee Ru-ma. He has been playing piano for 20 years and is loved by many. One of her most famous pieces is "River Flows in You" (watch video here) which was written and composed by Yiruma, her favorite musician.

The song is from Yiruma's first album "First Love" which came out in 2001. Yiruma became interested in the piano after hearing her sister play the instrument and she loved how it sounded.

Yiruma began learning to play the piano at age 5, and her skill was evident very early. She began writing songs from a young age and practiced composing music for many hours a day. "River Flows in You" is a wonderful piece to listen to because of the romantic and artistic sound of it.

I would imagine anyone would fall in love with her playing after hearing this song.