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Jar of Hearts is a song by the American musician Christina Perri. The song achieved a very high placement in the Australian charts, where it made second place for a week. In Germany the song made it to 5th place. In Germany the song reached gold and platinum once.

The song became famous after a friend Perris unintentionally submitted the song for a dance show and the singer presented the song there. Jar of Hearts is Perri's debut song, with which she processes a true story.

Reviews of 'Jar of Hearts'

CD-B Evaluations.de claims: “If a song has the potential to become one of the great ballads of our time, it is the emotionally rough, deeply moving Jar Of Hearts by CHRISTINA PERRI that the young American is up to quickly became one of the most hotly contested acts on the music scene. "

Plattentests.de says: "In this country, too, the dramatic but completely kitschy ballad has made its way into the top ten with a slight delay."

Christina Perri performing 'Jar of Hearts' Live