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Download sheet music from album '30' by Adele. Learn to play most popular tunes like Easy on Me, Love is a Game, To Be Loved, I Drink Wine, Oh My God, My Little Love, Hold on, Woman Like Me and more.

About Adele's Latest '30' Album

You’ve no doubt heard of Adele, but might not know about her incredible story. Before the age of 26, she was a relative unknown in the music industry, but released one of the top selling albums in history. Throughout that time, she has been the subject of countless articles, and her story has a lot to tell about her talent, hard work, and the power of a dream.

Adele just can’t seem to make you smile in the music industry. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the Grammy-winning singer gave insight into her insecurities, saying that she felt pressure to lose weight after the release of her first album. “When I was 23, I remember being on the cover of Rolling Stone and being like, ‘Whoa, I don’t feel very good about this,’” Adele said.

Adele’s ‘30’ Is Her Emotionally Rawest, Riskiest and Best Record Album Review

Adele's "30" is a compilation of some of her best work to date. It contains a new sound that is both raw and risky. In the review "Adele's '30' Is Her Emotionally Rawest, Riskiest and Best Record Album Yet", Adele's "30" is her emotionally rawest, riskiest and best record album yet. Her "25" album was her most successful album to date, but this album is really where she has gone all out.

Adele has never shied away from her personal life or her emotions on her records. "30" is an emotional roller coaster, because it's impossible to predict how the album will change over time. It's a whirlwind of raw feelings and guitar-fueled anthems that showcase her genius. A lot of the songs on "30" will take several listens to really sink in.

And that's perfectly fine because this album is worth every second it takes to soak it all in. Adele's voice is still her best asset. Her delivery of every song on this album is as powerful as ever. It's a stunning accomplishment. Adele has found the sound of her life, and it will take time for others to find their own sound. She's making it very hard for others to follow. Now all she has to do is get some more awards and then find time to make more music.

When I say that Adele has delivered one of the best albums of all time, I mean it. While some tracks may not be consistent with her past releases, they are all superb. Adele's "30" might be her rawest and riskiest album yet, but it is also her best.

Facts About Adele’s 30 Album

- What year was it released?


- What genre does the album belong to?

Contemporary Pop, R&B and hip-hop

- What are the songs on the album?

"Strangers by Nature"
"Easy on Me"
"My Little Love"
"Cry Your Heart Out"
"Oh My God"
"Can I Get It"
"I Drink Wine"
"All Night Parking" (with Erroll Garner)
"Woman like Me"
"Hold On"
"To Be Loved"
"Love Is a Game"

- What is the total length of the album?

58 minutes and 14 seconds and 70 minutes and 2 seconds on target and Japanese limited edition.

- How many songs are on the album?

12 on standard edition + 3 more on target and Japanese limited edition.